Dwayne Johnson The Rock Biography


NameDwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson age48 years
Dwayne Johnson height1.96 m
Dwayne Johnson weight260 lb (118 kg)
Dwayne Johnson nationalityAmerican
Dwayne Johnson ethnicityAfrican-(Canadian)/Black
Dwayne Johnson ParentsRocky Johnson, Ata Johnson
Dwayne Johnson children simone alexandra Johnson, Tiana Gia Johnson
Jasmine Johnson
the rock's wifeLauren Hashian (married 2019)
the rock net worth$320 Million

Rock Background

FOR SURE! YOU KNOW THIS MAN MUCH OF A LEGEND! Living in the world of Hollywood. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a professional wrestler and an actor. Conquered the world of wrestling and the world of acting The Rock earned some of his fame and respect from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and has been entertaining the world by his muscles and iconic dialogues the rock wwe favourite line was If you smell what the Rock is Cookin!

Dwayne The Rock is an incredible actor than a wrestler and has also earned truly some would say more fame as an actor than a wrestler and has been featured in many Blockbuster Movies and as a lead actor too.

The Rock has turned the world of entertainment to another level, from WWE to Hollywood.

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His Childhood was full of traveling and From New Zealand to USA and moving through 38 states of USA his father was a wrestler with the name Rocky and Dwayne lived with his father throughout his stay at USA while the  dwayne johnson young childhood was spent with his mother, the

The Rock Wrestling Career:

He worked along with his father and eventually played Football for his high school and also attained scholarship due to his football and graduated from University he couldn’t go further in football so he tried to go for Wrestling and got a batch in US Wrestling Association and slowly signed with WWE and made a name for himself by winning the Titles of WWE and setting records. He is a two-time Intercontinental Champion, a five-time tag team champion, and a 10-time world champion. He was also a Royal Rumble match winner and WWE’s sixth Triple Crown champion. Holds the record as the first eight time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He has benefited the WWE Wrestlemania by giving WWE the highest occupied seats in Wrestlemania in history and we can say that WWE was also given its reputation by the one and only The Rock. A Rocky Maivia became The Electrifying Rock cooking the fans and WWE to its highest reigns.


Theater Debut


Dwayne then débuted in the theatre show ‘THAT WRESTLING SHOW’ by acting as his father Rocky and then due to his acting skills got featured in many movies in Hollywood and when he got featured in Franchise movies that were struggling to get a name for themselves like G.I Joe and Fast and Furious, they featured Dwayne and their revenue was boosted as Fast and Furious 6 generated $789 Million Dollars and was bust of a movie. Similarly he continued to shine in other movies like Jumanji, Central Intelligence, Skyscraper, Rampage and is going to be featured in Fast and Furious new sequel with John Cena fellow wrestler. In 2007, he was inducted into prestigious Guinness World Records for being the highest paid actor in his debut film, earning $5.5 million in his first role in the 2001 movie, The Mummy Returns.

 Net Worth Of  The Rock:


Dwayne Johnson total assets is assessed to be $320 million.  He is the most generously compensated entertainer in the word he Dwayne the stone Johnson figure out how the stone changed from a WWE champ into a film industry champ he stars and film’s hosts unscripted TV dramas and even has his own arrangement on HBO Dwayne the stone Johnson is much something beyond an entertainer he’s a megastar in Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson didn’t get perhaps the greatest entertainer short-term everything began with a vocation in Pro Wrestling emulating his family’s example and totally changing the course of both the WWE and Hollywood as we probably am aware it the stone was clearly not the initial genius grappler to progress into a Hollywood star however nobody has had an incredible same achievement.

As per the sources that lone 23 entertainers in the business getting more cash than Dwayne Johnson which included Robert fleece jr and Brad Pitt between the long periods of 2016 to 2017.In 2018 to 2019 he made $89 million. Dwayne Johnson total assets is $220 Million in 2019.He make $15 million to $20 million for every motion pictures as per forbes.



Dwayne Johnson got hitched to his long-term sweetheart Lauren Hashian in 2019 in Hawaii she is an American performer and lyricist both of them met in the course of action of the film while he was shooting The Game Plan. They had two exquisite kids another baby young lady, Jasmine Johnson which is at present 5 years old, to his family in 2015.

The Rock and Lauren both are as of late couples. They don’t think like the old couples and expected to live like present-day couples rather than traditional and it’s nothing awry with that.


A True Glimpse into The Life Of The Megastar:

Dwayne’s lifestyle can’t be contained into a small Instagram page and The Rock knows it well. The Rock Instagram is pretty huge quite like his workout routine, accommodating a mammoth collection of 4500+ posts including both photos and videos. These posts come from various workplaces, his home and of course the gym.

The Rock’s IG profile features food, fashion, bodybuilding, and business oftentimes. Quite diverse! So much so, that even his cheat meal menu can be found on his profile.  Variety Magazine dubbed him right “The Multi-Platform Powerhouse.”

The wrestler-turned-actor could charge advertisers more than $1m (£790,000) per post last year, according to the social media marketing firm Hopper HQ.

The Fast and Furious star knocked make-up entrepreneur Kylie Jenner off the top spot.

She has 182 million Instagram followers, while he has 187 million.

Truly a megastar

What is dwayne johnson age

48 years

what is dwayne johnson's net worth

$320 million

does dwayne johnson have a twin

Curtis Bowles

who is the rock's wife

lauren hashian

Is dwayne johnson black

Dwayne Johnson Is half black. Dwayne johnson mom was a samoa originated women. Although he lived with his father his interaction with his mothers family was more and though has a sense of a samoa mindset

how big is the rock

6 ft 5 in (196 cm)

how many kids does the rock have

Simone Alexandra Johnson, Tiana Gia Johnson, Jasmine Johnson


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