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Dwayne Johnson Supplements Revealed

I would guess that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spends several hours lifting weights and doing cardio in between huge meals to provide all the energy. But, there’s solely such a lot of muscle growth that may be achieved while not adding supplements into the mix. 

 In the case of Dwayne Johnson supplements are an enormous part of his cycle. From pre to post-workout, and muscular objective improvement drinks, there is an oversized vary of product on dwayne johnson diet.

if you would like the muscles like Dwayne johnson and grow the bicep bigger like him then you should eat more calories than your current calories I know it is hard but the use of supplements will help you to adopt that physique.’

However, even with all the difficult work and dietary skills added to your collection, there’s no excellent opportunity with regard to physiological changes. That is to say, a great deal of us are as of now whining about a throbbing painfulness past the age of 30.


amino energy

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy:

  • Great source of energy also prevents muscle breakdown to boosts endurance to a certain level.
  • One of the most effective pre-workout supplement.
  • It contains 5 to 10 Calories and has no Sugar in it.
  • Dwayne johnson “the rock” mentioned so many times in his conversations that he uses it very often in a day to develop his physical energy.
  • To achieve maximum results used it before your workout as  we called it pre-workout.
  • Easily mixed with the cold water.


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Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro whey Protein Powder:

Hydro whey Protein Powder

  • Most used protein for muscle building.
  • It contains essential amino acid which is important for your body.
  • Helps to gain muscle mass after heavy workout training and gives strength.
  • Boost your muscle recovery after an intense workout.
  • Most researched supplement ever.
  • Luscious due to the flavourings in them.


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Casein Protein Powder:Casein protein

  • It digests very slow that is why its called “time-release protein”.
  • Help in the great amount of muscle growth because of high amount of leucine amino acid.
  • Prevent from breaking down the muscle.
  • The Rock uses casein before going to bed.
  • It contains omega-3 fatty acids good for our brain.
  • Reduce the blood pressure level.
  • It helps to decrease arterial plaque.
  • Regulate inflammatory responses.


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optimum fish oil

Optimum Nutrition Omega 3 Fish Oil:

  • Mostly used after post-workout to process protein and build your muscles.
  • It helps to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness of muscle after the workout.
  • Fast recovery after an intense exercise.
  • Provide recovery against muscle damage.


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Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine:Creatine

  • It increases your strength.
  • Build lean muscle mass on your body.
  • During exercise, it helps the muscle to recover more quickly.
  • Use shortly after or before your workouts.
  • It is the most useful supplement for high-intensity activities.
  • Helps to grow your muscles more quickly usually in 5 to 7 days.


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Dwayne Johnson Supplements Conclusion:

There is no doubt that Dwayne Johnson muscles and fitness become a trade mark for the world. He trained so hard to achieve this kind body he is well disciplined in his routine wake at 4am in the morning and doing workout twice a day need a lot of energy for that he used supplements to fulfil his daily goal. It is very hard for someone to achieve that muscle mass and body very quickly. He is most demanding actor in Hollywood and make many blockbuster movies like his body.




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